Unique, long-lasting protection against Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi

GFS BioProtect™ Clean & Seal Is a unique, safe water-based environmentally friendly coating that is strong, durable and will stick to almost any surface or substrate. GFS Clean & Seal is a high penetrating surfactant blend that has persistent activity designed to help clean surfaces and that upon drying also improves water repellency and soil resistance.

Applied by wiping, brushing or spraying, dirt and grime can be removed by surface wiping with the formation of a durable polymeric coating when dry. The core of our technology lies in a highly effective revolutionary film-forming polymer. GFS BioProtect™ Clean & Seal is compliant with international guidelines concerning use of environmentally friendly, toxicologically safe and effective surface coatings with built-in micro-biostatic properties that protects the coating surface from degradation.

Safe, and solvent free, it is an extremely useful multifunctional product coating that can be employed in many industry segments where surface seals, stain and odor protectants are used.

Longer lasting than many traditional surface coatings. As a proprietary blend it is unsurpassed in its ability to seal a surface and affect physical surface modification. Use of GFS Clean & Seal can improve water and soil repellency and residual antimicrobial activity helps prevent bacteria, mold, mildew or algae from growing on the surface coating. Antimicrobial properties are built-in to inhibit the growth of microorganisms that may affect this product.

Effective on Many Surfaces. Various surfaces can be effectively coated including metal, glass, plastics, rubber, porcelain, ceramic, marble, granite, cement, tile, sand, silica, enameled appliances, polyurethane, polyester, polyacrilic, melamine/phenolic resins, polycarbonate, siliceous, painted surfaces, fabrics / textiles and wood. Used as a sealer on bare wood, the surface coating resists mold and mildew formation.

As a treatment for fabrics and textiles provides a permanent bound that will withstand up to 50 washings. Can be used on bedding, sheets, towels and clothing subject heavy soiling. Helps protect against objectionable odors, unsightly stains and allergens generated by odor causing bacteria and fungi. It should be noted that for applications listed above this product does not protect end users against bacteria, viruses or other disease organisms. Always clean and wash the treated product thoroughly before and after each use.

Water, Soil, Stain and Mold / Mildew Resistant:
GFS Clean & Seal bonds to surfaces in three (3) ways forming a long-life invisible shield based on physical surface modification. This product contains a preservative that becomes bacteriostatic, fungistatic and algistatic on porous and non-porous surfaces only to protect the product.

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BioProtect™ Monthly Maintenance Cleaning Protocol for Odor and Bacteria Control

BioProtect™ products are formulated to the highest quality standards knowing that at healthcare facilities—safety, reliability, and effectiveness are paramount.

BioProtect™products and equipment needed:

1. Floor scrubber for use in the apartments, and in the areas of the complex where the floors need to be cleaned
2. Steamer for the small areas that do not need a floor scrubber
3. 16 oz. spray bottles of BioProtect™ Fresh and BioProtect™ Clean & Seal

BioProtect™ monthly maintenance cleaning protocol for control of odor and bacteria

Scrub the floors with BioProtect™ Fresh at full strength on the initial cleaning. Thereafter use a 10-1 ratio when cleaning the floors with BioProtect™ Fresh.

Replace the softener and bleach components in the wash cycle with BioProtect™ Clean & Seal to maximize odor control and bacteria control on bedding and personal clothing being cleaned. Add 2-3 oz of BioProtect™ Clean & Seal per wash cycle.

Treat drains & toilets with 2 -3 oz of BioProtect™ Fresh to attack odors in the trap areas. Minimum treatment is twice per month, or every two weeks.

Apply BioProtect™ Clean & Seal to the bathroom fixtures after they have been cleaned. Allow the BioProtect™ Clean & Seal to dry in 5-10 minutes. Wipe off any excess product on the fixtures with a dry towel.

Spray ™ BioProtect Clean & Seal on the mattress and on any furniture in the living areas. On furniture with multiple layers (i.e. made beds, couches with removable cushions, etc.) be sure to remove layers and mist each as it is put back into place.

Once you have completed an initial thorough cleaning of the rooms, then future odors can be treated. Thoroughly clean all surfaces with regular practices, being sure to clean all touch surfaces: table tops, door handles, sinks, etc.