Unique, long-lasting protection against Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi

MERV 6 filters are at the very right hand end of the picture where return (input) ducts bring air from the space into Spider. Just to the left of those ducts is a perforated grill through which fresh air is being introduced.


Spider is a complex algorithm transformed through engineering concepts into a machine that recirculates interior air mixed with fresh air.  This system then scrubs that captured air free of pathogens so the resulting blend of fresh and pure air is constantly being regenerated into the space. The outcome is that Spider resolves asthma, dilutes carbon dioxide, removes mold spores, and provides infectious disease prevention and control for both animals and humans all simultaneously.

How does Spider work?

Spider works much like its namesake. Spiders make webs of silk to trap their targets.  Then they use their eight legs to move close and capture. They deliver venom through glands to deactivate the prey's DNA.  APR Bio-Tech’s aerobiological system, known as Spider, creates a web of recirculating room and fresh air in any kind of enclosed space.  This web of air is manipulated by eight flexible ducts to and from Spider’s irradiation chamber. Any pathogens in that air have their DNA and RNA deactivated by this action. The resulting pure air is then returned to the room. This procedure completes Spider’s web of air purification, carbon dioxide dilution, mold spore removal, and infectious disease prevention.  Running 24/7/365, Spider keeps both animals and humans healthy, infection free, and safe.

Spider operational information